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Countertop Refinishing: What It Is and What to Know

When you’re looking to make your home perfect, there are a lot of additions and renovations you might want to consider. However, think about refinishing services if you’re on a short timeline and budget for your kitchen revamp.

Countertop refinishing is ideal when you want a brand-new look for your kitchen without extensive renovations. It can help increase the appeal of your property without significant expenditures. Here is what you should know about countertop refinishing:

What Is It?

When you’re bored of looking at the same old countertops, you might want to switch them out for a newer style, but this can be expensive. If your initial countertops were expensive to begin with, you might not necessarily want to spend money again to get them renovated.

Countertop refinishing ensures that you can get brand-new countertops without the full cost. Depending on your requirements, you might already have a vision in your head, and you will need to discuss with refinishing experts how to achieve it.

What Should You Consider?

If you are considering refinishing your countertops, the material used initially will matter. For example, stone countertops might need to be polished and sanded again. For marble countertops, you might only have the option of putting a gloss or finishing coat on the top.

Having a conversation with a refinishing expert can help you determine what kind of refinishing is possible and whether you should opt for it. Since countertop refinishing experts use specially formulated bonding agents, you can rest assured that this is not a short-term revamp and will last you a considerable time.


Many people don’t opt for countertop refinishing services because they think it’s harmful to countertops, but it has many benefits that can make it appealing to all requirements. It is more eco-friendly than getting completely new countertops and can extend the longevity of the countertops as well.

Since the countertops are fully prepped and cleaned before the process starts, you don’t have to worry about any flaws in the process. The cost savings on countertop refinishing are good too, and you don’t have to let your old countertops go to waste using this method either.

Finding Expert Refinishing Services

When looking for expert refinishing services, you have to consider their previous work to ensure that you are making a good choice. You can’t trust a business when they can’t show you their past work, as it can stress you out while doing the job.

You should also have the option of asking any questions and getting a free estimate to ensure you know how much it will cost. Any professional can tell you the benefits of getting a countertop refinished, and you should feel at ease when communicating with them to ensure that your countertops end up exactly the way you wanted them to.

Looking for Professional Refinishers?  We Can Help

When looking for a professional refinishing service to help elevate your kitchen, there is no one better than All Around Reglazing to help you out. Our experts have worked on various refinishing projects over the years, making them the perfect choice for your kitchen. Call us today at 954-800-9863 to get started with an appointment and free estimate!

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