What Does It Take To Reglaze A Tub?

What Does It Take to Reglaze a Tub?

What Does It Take to Reglaze a Tub? Unwinding by taking a bath after a hectic day can sometimes be all the self-care you need. But when your bathtub looks like it’s seen better days, you might find it hard to fully relax. Your bath time can be an unpleasant experience when you feel like your bath isn’t as clean or maintained as it once used to be.

Glazing a tub again is ideal when you want to give your tub a second life, and it can extend the longevity of your bathtub for quite some time. It’ll be more cost-effective than replacing your bathtub, and you can enjoy the feeling of a new bathtub without doing anything drastic. Here’s what you need to know:

What Does It Entail To Reglaze a Tub?

Depending on the type of bathtub you have, the refinishing process can differ. If you have a cast-iron, fiberglass, or steel bathtub, they can be easily recoated to match the original finish. You can also recoat it in another color to match your changing bathroom interior or aesthetic preference.

The technician will generally begin by stripping off the old finish and sanding the tub to create a smooth surface for recoating. Any cracks or chips will be repaired after this. After this, a primer, multiple layers of coating, and a finishing sealant will be applied to the bathtub.

How Much Can It Cost

A bathtub glaze can cost differently depending on where you live in South Florida and who’s doing it for you. While you might think replacing your bathtub is the most hassle-free solution, that’s not actually true. Your new bathtub will need to be fitted through your bathroom door, and surrounding tiles and trim will need to be replaced as well while the bathtub is being fitted.

A new tub might not be super expensive, but the labor costs to fit it in your bathroom can easily cost more than a thousand dollars. Reglazing or refinishing a tub, on the other hand, will easily cost less than a thousand dollars, and you won’t have to wait as long to enjoy your bathtub either.

When Should You Look Into It?

Not all bathtubs require reglazing, and you need to know if your bathtub needs it and whether it’s possible. If you have recently moved into a new home in South Florida, you might want to refinish your bathtub for hygienic reasons and refresh it.

If you have owned your bathtub for a few years and considerable wear and tear has taken place, you definitely need to look into reglazing. There is no ‘right’ time to opt for a reglaze; it depends on your preferences and when you think your bathtub needs it.

Once you have decided that you need to reglaze a tub, you must find reputable South Florida experts who can cater to your needs.

Looking to Reglaze a Tub? We’re Here to Help

When you’re ready to breathe new life into your bathtub, All Around Reglazing is here to help. Our experts have worked on countless bathtubs over the years in South Florida, and there is nothing that they haven’t seen. Whether you’re looking to recoat it a different color or just want it to look well-maintained, we can help.
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